Ceremonious stargazing session,

Today, it was not just pretty constellations which her eyes gazed at,

There were answers which she was seeking.


Love! Ah! That was one inexperienced delicacy,

No heart breaks on-record but yet she was in desperate search for something,

She was searching one Ursa Major for β€œif you can dream it. You can do it”.


Countless constellations could be located,

Countless answers could have been found but what about her search,

It still could not find even a Minor explanation for her Major.


Dark sky and darker stories,

Gazed harder. But without any probable answer.

Just one thought in her head that probably the twinkling star in her new discovery was someone she deeply loved and had now lost.


That twinkling star and that dark sky did nothing about her problems.

They were not interested. It was she who realized that always seeking the answers do not make the questions liable to answer.

Just leave them. Be a realist. Not all what is dreamt of is fulfilled.


18 thoughts on “Constellations.

  1. Your thoughts & dreams are well taken. If a dream not become true, we have to do a detailed new analysis and let us synergies our energy with new start.
    Welcome to a new start.
    Dinesh Misra


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