My Lady


Underneath the blue sky draped in a sky blue sari, stood my Lady,

Happiness. Care. Affection. Optimism.

She was a perfect blend of all of this.

She was my Lady. A person I would have totally adored.


A lady with a kid in her hand came to pay my Lady a visit,

She told my Lady that she knew her,

She insisted on meeting someone my Lady could not understand why?

Yet, my Lady did not even make an attempt to stop her.


Zephyr. Calmness and quietude prevailed outside.

Yet, her heart which had not even made an attempt to stop the tryst throbbed.

Calmness before the storm was what it was.

But my Lady, was calm enough to handle the turmoil within her.


The door opened and her husband came out with the stranger’s baby in his hands,

Stranger’s they were not as she had thought.

It took her little time to understand what had actually taken her three years to understand.

She was carrying his baby and he carried hers.


Life changed. Veils lifted.

She felt cheated and foolish.

Trust broken and her life seemed to bring before questions which she had never thought of answering.

Her dreamy world had actually shattered. She asked her husband to stop the tryst.


Just before my Lady bore her third child she brought the stranger in her house.

The tryst stopped. Everything legalised.

The day the third child was born she left her mansion without telling anyone.

She cried her heart out on leaving her kids but she did not want to take them along.


She went. No one remembered her.

The stranger was the mother to her kids. Her husband was now not hers.

Her kids did not remember her. It was not what she had expected.

Years went by. Just as her memories had faded she also faded away.



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