Ah! I hate when someone says they sympathise with me,

Told little Alex to her doctor.

How can she understand what all I am going through?

And then she says she sympathizes with me.

I do not like missing school,

And, sitting at home.

But they promoted me to the next class in the new session,

Is it because of sympathy Doctor?

I do not like going around the city with this mask,

And by the way you promised me a pink mask last time I came,

You did not get it as you don’t sympathise with me,

But others look at me with pity when I go around the city. Why?

And you know what Mr. Doctor,

Yesterday, Jeffy came to visit me and she said that she and Ben missed me at school,

I know she also said because she sympathizes with me,

How can she miss me when I know she liked Ben as much as I do?

My mom told me that she got over with work whenever I had my special sessions with you,

As, the people in her office are nice.

I know she got free early because everyone sympathized with her.

What is with sympathy and me Mr. Doctor?

Alex, removing the cap she wore said “I think people have one more reason now.”

She was seven. A kid with gleaming eyes. Eyes which seeked for clarification.

The Doctor smiled and said because they are fools.

Special ones like you and me either experience or we help you alleviate it.


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