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वहां कुर्सी पर बैठकर ताली बजाना, मुश्किल था, वहां बैठकर पुरानी यादें याद ना आना, मुश्किल था, वहां मंच पर खुद को ना देख पाना, मुश्किल था।   जिसने दिल का टुकड़ा बोला, उसको मनाना मुश्किल था, जिसकी उंगली पकड़ कर चलना सीखा, वो हाथ पकड़ मंच तक जाना, मुश्किल था, इख्तियार के आगे मरासिम … Continue reading मुश्किल

Far flung flings?

What do you call it? I call it a fling sir, said Anna. Smirks followed. I do too, he said.   Still, there were merrier mornings. The sun was shinier. The nights were somewhat new. These days’ silly smiles made sense.   Attachment and affection was not to be acknowledged. Accountability was definitely out of … Continue reading Far flung flings?

The Flight

Standing on the terrace. Gazing at the perfect skyline. She observed the perfect blend of the colours in the dusky sky.   Orange. Purple. Blue. Grey. There were conundrums to which she seeked clarification. The decision was hers but now seemed hazy much like the transformation of the dusky sky to the dark sky.   … Continue reading The Flight

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