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The Flight

Standing on the terrace. Gazing at the perfect skyline. She observed the perfect blend of the colours in the dusky sky.   Orange. Purple. Blue. Grey. There were conundrums to which she seeked clarification. The decision was hers but now seemed hazy much like the transformation of the dusky sky to the dark sky.   … Continue reading The Flight

My Lady

  Underneath the blue sky draped in a sky blue sari, stood my Lady, Happiness. Care. Affection. Optimism. She was a perfect blend of all of this. She was my Lady. A person I would have totally adored.   A lady with a kid in her hand came to pay my Lady a visit, She … Continue reading My Lady


Standing in front of the mirror, Face to face with reality, Dark it was, darker than her complexion. She wondered if the love which she bore to him was incomplete, She wondered if her fruits of care were adulterated with some unwanted element, She wondered if the compassion she showed was ill-legal. All her questions … Continue reading Choices

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